Client:        Private 

Location:    London, UK

Type:         Installation

Cost:          Confidential

Queen's Crescent Market is one of London's oldest street markets, and is still held every Thursday and Saturday on Queen's Crescent in Kentish Town, Camden. The market sells food, discounted clothing and a wide variety of household products.  Many traders run stalls that have been passed from generation to generation.  Behind the market are four housing blocks, which are part of the Weedington housing estate.  Their four blank south facing facades  sit as a  backdrop to one of London’s oldest and most vibrant street markets.


Our proposal for this urban intervention is to work in collaboration with local artists and young people with in the community to create imagery that captures the essence of the community and highlight the people that live there.  Then take these images, and translate them into green walls, on the south facing facades of the four housing blocks overlooking the market.  These vegetated walls will provide additional insulation for the buildings, utilise the water run off, increase biodiversity, reduce heat island effect, eat up carbon emissions and provide a communal garden for the residents.


(Artwork by Matt Smalls & Vhils)

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