Client:         Peabody

Location:    London, UK

Type:          Residential 

Cost:          Competition 

The proposal consists of a single residential block containing 4no one bed apartments of 50sqm and 4no two bed apartments of 75sqm. The block occupies approximately one third of the site, leaving the rest for the creation of a new public park.

The simple, elegant structure faces south with full height glazing and balconies overlooking the park. The central core with lift allows all of the flats to be accessible by wheelchair.

The north facade is clad with insulated, semi-transparent, panels allowing thermal protection but also natural light penetration.

The east and west facades are covered in ceramic tiles, illustrating pixelated images developed by local artists in consultation with local residents and amenity groups. Creating a meaningful local landmark with robust materials suitable for this busy urban location.

The park provides a moment of peace and contemplation, away from the bustle of Junction Road. A pathway is carved through the extensive planting of fragrant herbs and flowers. Forming a new route between Brookside Road and St John’s Grove, with areas of sitting or playing. There is a large communal table at the centre of the park for neighbours to meet around or play chess.

All apartments are double aspect, allowing for natural lighting, ventilation and cooling. The brown roof minimises the rainwater run-off, though all rainwater is collected and used for the irrigation of the new park. In return the park is utilised for ground source heating of the block, from substantially renewable sources. The grid of trees create shade for both the park visitors and the residents.