Client:       Taylor Wimpey

Location:   Norwich, UK

Type:         Residential 

Cost:         £20 million

NR1 is the second phase of Taylor Wimpey’s Riverside Heights Development. Located along the River Wensum, it provides  Norwich with 174 one, two and three bedroom units, 54 of which are affordable.  Type3 Studio were appointed to re-evaluate the existing approved scheme, producing a new design, comprised of 6 compact blocks dispersed along the riverfront.  Allowing the client to build incrementally, thus reducing risk and construction costs by 20%, while increasing density by 20%, and green open space by 30%.  Thus enabling Taylor Wimpy to proceed with the project in a challenging market.

The  tautly clad blocks have a Rubik’s Cube like ability to twist and turn, providing views, privacy and variety.  The activities and colours of the meadow waves and the rhythms of the river are captured in the reflective canvases of the aluminium clad facades. The brown roofs and native riverside planting provides valuable wildlife habitat, and flood attenuation, while the buildings roof top PV’s power the communal services. The undulating riverside landscape extends the City’s Riverside Walk and SusTrans network while improving flood defences along the River Wensum. 


Incremental development and a robust design concept have been key to the success of the scheme. The smaller standardised blocks, have not only allowed for an increase in public open space, but also Taylor Wimpey to develop the site block by block.  As well improving efficiency and safety of construction, this has allowed us to re-configure the  layouts of the last two blocks to provide 3 bed apartments to address changing market demands.

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