Client:        Yoo Capital

Location:    Leighton Buzzard, UK

Type:         Residential

Cost:         £5 million

The existing industrial site is located in the Greenbelt, within the Kings & Bakers Wood area of Outstanding Landscape Value and designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest.  The proposal consists of 4 Zero carbon houses, with shared biofuel energy source and water recycling facilities.

The site has limited power and water supply, therefore each building is designed to respond to its specific environment, with  roofs oriented for PVs  fresh air intake filtered through the planting  & thermal mass utilised for cooling.  A communal energy centre provides heat & power, communal waste water treatment & recycling.  Natural swimming ponds  & brown roof  attenuate the water, and vehicle movements are limited to the centre of the site.  


The construction methodology has been developed to take into account the sensitive nature of the site.  The construction programme will be synchronized around the breeding and nesting seasons of the wildlife.  The existing hard standing will be removed and crunched up within the industrial units to reduce noise and dust pollution during construction.  The crunched up concrete will remain on site and re-used as aggregate for in-situ reinforced concrete elements, such as retaining structures, and for road bases.  Afterwards the existing industrial buildings will be carefully dismantled, the steel frame will be sold for re-use, and the rest of the materials will be recycled where possible. 


In summary these are exceptional houses, of the highest standard of contemporary architecture, with minimal environmental impact.  Designed to repair and enhance this extraordinary environment for future generations

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